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Herkimer House is a contemporary bespoke privately owned office building organised over 2 floors to provide you with the perfect flexible working solution.

Established more than 10 years ago, Herkimer House has a proven track record in attracting discerning clients who expect that little bit more attention to detail and a company that goes that little bit further to facilitate it.

We welcome start up enterprises or established companies and take care of all your office space requirements so you can simply take care of  your business.

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What is a Herkimer?

A Herkimer is a diamond.  

Herkimer Diamonds are very unique and rare gemstones which come in various colours though they are mostly  crystal clear and are generally mined in Germany, New York, England, China, and Canada.

The Herkimer Diamond has holistic properties and is said to have healing benefits to someone wearing one. It is known as an “attunement stone”, meaning  that it can help a person become attuned to their environment, another person, or even a group.

Akin to the Herkimer stone a diamond service is what we provide in Herkimer House.

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